A Secure & Scalable Blockchain for Smart Services

Modi Token is an advanced blockchain platform created to bring a fast, secure and trustless structure for the global gaming ecosystem. Our goal is to make gaming more inclusive, fair and decentralized.


Soon we are on exchanges
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MODI Token is released now !!!

We strive to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem that allows everyone to freely play games, payments and more without relying on centralized services. By empowering the users, we will transform the gaming ecosystem on a global scale.

Modi Token is a verified contract created on 19-March-2018.

The contract address for this token is "0x68E03D2DA62D026403C68601D650c877901876BF".

Anyone can check the contract on etherscan.io


The total supply for this token is "10000" with decimal "18".

Soon we will update you the exchange name where you can buy and sell this token.

Top Features

Real Time gaming payments

Modi Token allows users to make the payment to anyone with real time.
Its really fast secure and trustable payment method.

Cross Platform Wallets

Modi Token have cross platform wallets
User can easily download and install the wallets on mobile/desktop.


Modi Token provides 24x7 supports.
We always feel happy to help our users regarding payment.


For Players

-Zero withdrawal fee
-Fast and anonymous payments
-Full control of your fund

For Platform

-Minimize tax comparing to fiat currency
-Minimize gambler account management expense
-Minimize international payment expense